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Turkey Popular Milas Lilac white marble Tiles

2018-01-31 16:07:39

Milas Lilac white marble original from Turkey,which is the white marble with the natural purple veins, the special variety veins suit for interior decoration designs,Milas Lilac white marble natural marble plate for high decorative materials, mainly used in building decoration high grade buildings, such as memorial buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, shopping malls, theaters, libraries, airports, stations and other large public buildings, indoor wall surface, cylinder, etc. can also be used for decorative material the staircase, service desk, Menlian, dado, window board, skirting board,Milas Lilac marble bookmatch is the best choices. 

Milas Lilac Marble;This sample shows the general characteristics of the variety veins, Lilac white marble is products of nature and will vary in color, marking and texture. 

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