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The project for ANTA president office

2020-09-17 10:46:20

The office design of the president of Anta headquarters

We use the European minimalist style- Italy Serpeggiante, and the Chinese classical style-carrara created a comfortable office environment

The Italy Serpeggianteis similar to that of wood, but its hardness,gloss and durability are comparable to that of any timber, but with high grade elegance of wood material. It is suitable for decoration of any large project.

Polished carrara marble tile

Carrera white marble have soft and graceful lines,No matter how close it is toskin, the texture of marble tiles makes people feel comfortable, liketouching a work of art, cool, delicate, but full of comfort and value.

Carrara White Marble

Along with the Western civilization flourished in the Chinese beginning white have gradually become one of the white color of love,it represents a pure, noble, chastity, and Chinese phase classical woman temperament.

Carrera marble countertop

This is subjective drawings of interior design

Rest waiting area

We can provide you with the design plan, the deepening of the design drawings and the fine processing of stones, and the rigorous processing flow to ensure that your project will finally be perfectly displayed.

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