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Polished Chinese Panda White Marble Slab

2018-01-24 11:12:18

Chinese Panda White Marble also name Dalmate marble, which is white marble with black Veins marble,this marble can do bookmatch designs for the wall decoration.

Panda white is a white stone, with black and white color, like the color of the giant panda in China, which is named "panda white".

In the white floor and delicate, black lines free and unrestrained flow, like drunk after accident, more like wild cursive trees. With Chinese traditional black and white color, it shows its unique charm.

In the spirit of classical Chinese painting at the same time, panda white and in the interpretation of the role of fashion. A black and white world, which created a modern sense of strong color, pure and clean, like most of the notes are played a song of life!

Modern interior designs polished panda white marble flooring and wall tiles,which can use for bathroom,kitchen,benchtop,vanity top etc. 

From the outside, the black and white bedding, clear, black and white is pure rhyme.
Black and white contrast beautifully in Panda White marble.  
Presenting with a crisp white background and striking waves of wide black strips, this unique marble makes quite a statement.  

Available in both polished and brushed finishes.

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