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Famous Sport Brand FILA project

2020-09-25 16:00:37

The project with white Microlite stone for FILA

Currently a new project for sport brand, FILA with Microlite White Stone.

The details photos as follows -

Microlite White Stone

Microlite is a new type of decorative building materials, including composite microlite called glass-ceramic composite plate, is a 3 -- 5 mm layer of microcrystalline glass compound on the surface of the ceramic glass, after the second sintering fully integrated high-tech products.Microcrystalline thickness in 13 to 18 mm, glossiness is greater than 95. The related product of Crystallized Glass Panel with Porous is on sale.

White Microlite Stone

KINGRICH microcrystallized stone is a new type of green environment decorative materials, the products popular use for interior and exterior project, which including exterior wall cladding, interior decorating flooring & wall tiles, hotel wall background , countertop,vanity top, stair stone and other decorative parts.

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