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Custom Size Sintered Black Marble Gold Veins Slab Custom Size Sintered Black Marble Gold Veins Slab Custom Size Sintered Black Marble Gold Veins Slab Custom Size Sintered Black Marble Gold Veins Slab Custom Size Sintered Black Marble Gold Veins Slab

Custom Size Sintered Black Marble Gold Veins Slab

As a modern new stone material, sintered stone is quickly becoming a hit with designers and homeowners alike. Different manufacturers target their products at different markets, but sintered stone can be used for almost anything natural stone can be.

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Product Name: Custom Size Sintered Black Marble Gold Veins Slab

Sintered black marble gold veins slab is almost impossible to distinguish from natural stone, unless it’s been made in some unlikely colour or pattern! Sintered stone is tough as rock and is also: 

1. Weatherproof

2. Unaffected by heat or cold

3. Waterproof

4. Stainproof

5. Very hard to chip, scratch or damage

6. Easy to clean

7. Food safe and hygienic

8. Non-porous, doesn’t need sealing

Any custom size and color are acceptable, Provide OEM and ODM Service



Intent Slabs


Length:±0.6%; Width:±0.6%; Thickness:±5%

Length:±0.5%; Width:±0.5%; Thickness:±5%

Water Absorption



Breaking Strength

6mm≥700/N; 9mm≥1300/N; 12mm≥1300/N

6mm>1400/N; 9mm>3000/N; 12mm>5000/N

Mudulus of Repture (Not applicabel to tiles which breaking strength≥3000/N

Average≥35; Individual Minimum≥32

6mm Average>60 6mm Individual Minimum>58

Abrasion Resistance

Report Abrasion Class

Class 4(PEI 4)

Thermal Shock Resistance


Fully Resistance

Frost Resistance


Fully Resistance

Reaction to Fire

Class A1 or A1FL

Use for wall: A1; Use for Floor: A1FL

Resistance to Staining

Minimum Class 3

Class 5

Resistance to Chemicals

Minimum Class B


1. Waterproof : Water absorption is lower than 0.05 %

2. High Tensile Strength : Flexible easy to install

3. Abrasion Resistance : More Resistant tp abrasion than nature stone

4. Scratch Resistance : Moh's hardness is 6, will not be damaged by regular edge tools

5. UV Rays Resistance : Color will not be affected by UV rays.

6. Fire Resistance : Will not be crack or release toxic substances under burning.

7. Frost Resistance: Use as usual in even the coldest environment.

8. Themal Shock Resistance : Low coefficient of thermal expansion.

9. Dimension Stability : Very consistent in dimension.

10. Stain Resistance: Almost nonporous, super stain proof and easy to clean.

11. Chemical Resistance : Resistant to detergent and disinfectant.

12. Green and Health : Environmental products, containing n organic toxic or radioactive substance.

Sintered Black Marble Gold Veins Slab

China Sintered Stone Slabs Suppliers

Large Format Porcelain Slabs

Large Format Calacatta Porcelain Slabs

1.Thin tiles: styrofoam box or carton box+wooden crate fumigated, reinforced with strap.

2.Big slab: wooden bundle with fumigated treatment, reinforced with strap.

3.Countertops: polished face vs face with foam membrane between, packing in wooden crate reinforced with strap.

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