Why do designers choose marble tiles? 2021-04-07 11:13:32
Marble has the characteristics of elegance and endurance, and is one of the most successful choices to achieve perfect home design. It is a highly decorative and timeless material that will not lose its effectiveness over time.

Calacatta is one of the marbles most valued by professionals in the industry. Many interior architects and decorating designers choose our Calacatta White Marble products to design the environment.

Marble is a natural stone that can provide an original and fascinating style for any space. Its aesthetics, versatility and complexity make it a benchmark for interior design, and it will never go out of style.

So what are the specific advantages of marble tiles?

1. Versatility
Marble is a material that can be installed in floor tiles and wall tiles and in any space (kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.). It will add a unique and solemn texture to each room.

Our white marble tile with black veins is also unique in beauty. This white porcelain has curved black fine lines, which can provide the elegant effect of marble.

2. Multiple colors
Usually, the texture contained in marble tiles gives each tile a unique appearance, so there will not be two identical slabs. In addition, their colors and designs are also diverse. For example, white marble often has gray stripes, making it a very luminous material. On its own, beige marble is warmer.

3. Easy to clean
The maintenance and cleaning of the marble is very simple, although you must be careful not to scratch the marble. Just use a sponge or scrub with soap and water. If there are spots, it is recommended to wash with water and lemon instead of washing with citrus fruits too much, and avoid using strong and aggressive products for treatment as much as possible.

4. Durability
High-quality marble is unforgettable for life because of its resistance. It is a very hard material, so it is one of the strongest choices for household surfaces. With proper maintenance, marble tiles can be used for many years.

5. Beauty and elegance
As we have already mentioned, marble is one of the most suitable choices for home design. Decoration and interior design experts confirm that the luster of this natural stone, especially the luster after polishing, brings an unparalleled difference to these spaces. In addition, this material is conducive to a sense of spaciousness and provides greater clarity to the room.

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