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Marble has been used in architectural design for a long time. It is highly respected for its beauty and variety of types. It has a unique classic appearance and can be adapted to any decoration.

Italy Statuario Marble is such an extraordinary marble, said to be the best marble in the world. The mountain quarry of Statuario marble is located in Carrara, Italy, with limited supply and high demand. The low availability of this kind of marble makes it rarer.

Statuario white marble extracted in the Carrara region has a bright white background with a medium-width gray texture in the middle. Due to its unique aesthetic characteristics, it enhances the appearance of any indoor project.

Statuario White marble from Carrara is one of the most precious marbles in the world. In fact, few materials can match its transparent luster and incredibly compact structure. The main type of this material is white Statuario Venatino marble, which has various shades of gray, and white Statuario Extra Marble with fine texture.

Many Italian artists have used Statuario marble to create real masterpieces since ancient times, such as Antonio Canova's "Amore e Psiche" from 1787-1793 and Michelangelo's David from 1501-1504. Sculpture, completely carved in one piece. Today, this material is used to express luxury and magnificence, especially for furniture elements such as fireplaces, sculptures and special design creations.

White Statuario is a stone widely used in interior design projects. The physical properties of this marble make it suitable for environments that are not affected by humidity and environmental factors.

Whether you are looking for the best 100% pure Statuario marble collection in Mumbai, or any other marble, onyx and granite, our curators will guide you to make the perfect choice.

Statuario marble is the ideal stone for indoor applications. This marble variety is suitable for large tile formats, in the form of countertops, book-matching backsplashes or wall panels.
Italy Statuario Marble
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