Why choose Carrara marble? 2021-05-10 15:05:11
Carrara marble tiles are synonymous with elegance and high taste. Basically, they can be used in all types of indoor and outdoor applications. Today, Carrara marble tiles are still used for decoration of offices, shopping malls, apartments, studios, museums, hotels, etc. Carrara quarries produce many different types of marble, making it one of the most traded marbles in the world.

Why do more and more designers choose Carrara white marble?
1. Appearance
Carrara marble has never been out of style. It has been used for thousands of years and is still innovative and modern. Architects have always diversified their uses to create real masterpieces in indoor and outdoor design. This is why Carrara marble is now more important when it comes to providing valuable solutions to customers.

2. Versatility
We can often see Carrara marble tiles appear in multiple places. Depending on their quality and type, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, whether as a cladding or a floor.

Because of its simple workmanship, the variety is very wide. You can choose from many finishes, and finally bring you the desired effect.

3. Durable
Unlike many other materials used for floors and cladding, Carrara marble will last over time. The composition of the material ensures that customers can rest assured during the purchase process. After a few years, after simple treatment, it can still maintain an almost new state.

4. Keep warm
Depending on the climate, Carrara's marble façade can keep your house at a stable temperature throughout the year. Marble has a good thermal insulation function, which can keep your house fresh in summer and warm in winter. Therefore, you can reach a comfortable temperature without excessive use of air conditioners or radiators, which greatly saves operating costs.

5. Brightness
It contains a lot of calcium carbonate, which can enhance the lighting of the room by reflecting light. Therefore, no bright light is needed.

6. Unique pattern
It is almost impossible for your marble tiles to be fully replicated elsewhere. When the material is extracted from the mountain, it is already a work of art, and after cutting, the pattern becomes a kind. Carrara marble from different extraction areas. Each of them has its own characteristics and characteristics.

This is why using Carrara marble can transform your project into something truly unique.

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