What Kitchen Countertop Is Right For You 2019-10-14 14:52:22

Please answer my question in order to get a more accurate conclusion.

Which of the following best describes your favorite kitchen style?

Traditional all the way
Make mine modern
Cutting-edge contemporary
Colorful and eclectic
Rustic with lots of character
I love those elegant, all-white kitchens

What is your typical role in the kitchen?

Executive chef
Coordinator of the catering
Delivery or takeout orderer
Pastry chef

How are your DIY skills?

Excellent — I practically built my own house
I take direction well
Pretty good, though I avoid working with superexpensive materials in case I make a mistake
I’m better off hiring jobs out to the experts
I’m a perfectionist, so it takes me forever

What’s the single most important characteristic of a countertop material for you?
Good looks
Zero maintenance
Lowest cost
High-end look for less

What’s your favorite food to prepare?

Pies, pastries and tarts
Meat and potatoes
I love my veggies
Something that requires at least a dozen ingredients and dirties all my dishes
Anything that’s available for delivery

What’s your favorite backsplash material?

Glass or metallic tiles
White subway tiles
Tumbled stone
Back-painted sheet of glass
Handmade ceramic or encaustic tiles

A colorful coat of paint

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