What is Luce De Luna Quartzite 2021-04-12 15:16:44
Luce Di Luna is a beautiful natural quartzite from Brazil. This stone has more white background with gray and black linear veins passing through it. This kind of stone is very suitable for a more elegant and neutral kitchen or bathroom.

Luce Di Luna has high abrasion resistance. On the Mohs scale, it has a score of 7 or higher. Quartzite or granite is usually in this range. Compared with marble, limestone, onyx, slate, etc., this material is less likely to be scratched.

Luce Di Luna has a medium to high absorption rate. Be sure to seal this material before use, otherwise the oil and highly pigmented liquid will penetrate and stain the stone. Before grouting, seal the material properly by applying several coats of sealant or until water drops on the surface. Use Fila PRW200 to avoid soiling of grout residue, and specify grout color similar to the stone color to avoid color infiltration into the material. Use low-moisture styling materials. To reduce the appearance of stains, be sure to wipe off spills immediately. Oils and highly pigmented liquids may penetrate and stain the stone, and mud may be required to remove stains.

Luce Di Luna is the least sensitive to acid. When exposed to acidic liquids such as lemons or tomatoes, it will not erode or lose its surface gloss.

Due to the known fragility of the material or this material has not been tested, this stone is not recommended for external projects because it contains free iron, which means that it will pass by time when exposed to heat or moisture And oxidation or rust. Materials like Luce Di Luna usually have natural cracks and cracks, so hope to see factory filled resin, even if it is not recommended to use this material in outdoor projects, it is still very durable.

In addition to Luce Di Luna, there are other quartzite options, such as Azul Mare Quartzite Slabs or Brazilian Palomino quartzite.
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