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Marble is a rock made of calcium carbonate that has undergone a natural recrystallization process.

Marble is formed by the transformation of other stones under the action of high temperature and strong pressure. The result of this process is that new minerals, textures and structures will produce a large number of different types of marble, as we can see in the following example.

There are various types of white marble. The uniformity of its background color, the type and thickness of the particles, and the drawing of its veins are the characteristics and uniqueness of each variety.

Calacatta white marble is a natural stone from Italy. It is calcium white marble. It has a very unique color difference, in which cracked white and very thin light gray veins are dotted with tiny amber and gold notes.
This Italian variety lasted for centuries and was the protagonist of many related architectural projects in Classical Rome, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Today, it is considered a luxurious marble that can be used to decorate the interior of large residential or hotel projects.

Calacatta Gold
Calacatta Gold marble is white calcite marble with timeless beauty. It shows a sublime gray-white base and outlines golden and gray stripes of different thicknesses.

Lilac marble is white calcite marble. Its background color is off-white. The texture on this marble has a tree-like morphology and incorporates various tones from black to purple.

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