The natural stone rusty removal process: 2018-01-10 17:47:19

The natural stone rusty removal process:

Stone back to the alkali, water spots, rust problem with the series of water closely, the related to the principles of rust and governance methods,

What is natural stone rust? Rust is iron material into the stone or stone in the iron compounds and the environment of chemical substances in the stone surface to form a yellow or yellowish scar. It is chemically explained that iron reacts with oxygen in moist air. The chemical reaction requires three components, namely Fe (iron), O2 (oxygen), H2O (water).

Natutal stone rust generation causes:

First, primary rust problem, Stone chemical composition contains a certain amount of ferrite, such as gold beige, silver beige, grey granite, carrara white marble. White marble, white linen and so on. These iron-containing substances in the wet environment and air contact is very easy to be oxidized two to produce rust, with the water in the stone microporous flow and diffusion, stone surface will appear irregular chloasma.

Second, secondary rust spots. Stone in the mining, processing, transportation, pavement, the use of rust in the process of direct immersion, or iron residue in the stone surface, with the passage of time oxidation and diffusion, resulting in rusty macula. Acid rain in the serious areas, acid rain will continue to dissolve the stone around the iron substances (such as dry pendant, scaffolding, etc.), and the rust transferred to the stone surface.

Third; dissolved rust. Stone in the use, maintenance process, by strong acid (such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc.) pollution or strong acid cleaning stone, strong acid will dissolve the stone and the surrounding iron, the formation of iron-containing solution. These solutions will penetrate, retained in the stone inside, with the role of alkaline substances and acidity reduction, these iron elements will become rust.

Determine the type of rust: the first type of rust, is the stone's own rust, which is difficult to completely handle. Because to deal with rust, it is necessary to respond to these iron, and stone inside the iron is difficult to completely remove. The second and third rust spots are relatively easy to handle. The specific treatment flow of the rust is: cutting blockage - lifting protection - the right medicine - drug night removal - antioxidant treatment - protection treatment.

1, cutting block. The stone will continue to produce the incentive to block the rust, such as iron, water, do not let the rust continue to expand.

2, to lift the protection. Stone made protective treatment, should first lift the original stone protection function, or governance of rusty drugs can not penetrate the stone inside, and play a corresponding role. Solvent-based (oily) protective agent, can be used in addition to ointment, DEC21 release; water-based (water-based) protective agent can be lifted with DEC21.

3, the right medicine. Use professional marble (marble) rust removal agent rust, you can use marble derusting agent, granite derusting agent, MAR, NO RUG and so on.

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