The four basic colors of 2021 2021-02-26 15:59:58
KINGRICH STONE's Color Direction
With the current retro interior design trend, color plays an important role. During a time of uncertainty, we fall back into the comfort of familiarity through nostalgia. The KINGRICH team has put together four essential colors to look out for in 2021 for your new designs and renovations to come.

A more eclectic, bright color, saffron, is able to elevate a space for a more 1970’s glam feel. Our Sofitel Gold Marble features those bright, saffron hues and golden tones. This marble creates a bolder look and feel.

If you are looking for a more retro, industrial style then olive tones will create an earthy style to your space. Our Brazil Botanic Green Slabs features rich, olive hues paired with black veining to create a true retro, industrial feel.

Creating a soothing, escapism feel, champagne over white creates the perfect escape. Our Polished Delicatus White Granite Counter Top featuring a creamy white surface with champagne, subtle veining gives that luxurious, classic feel, creating comfort for your space.

Deep Charcoal & Masculine Black
For a more dramatic, calming space, turn towards deep charcoals and masculine blacks. These dark hues create a serene space to clear your head for 2021. Our Lusso Black Gold Marble features those rich, dark hues with sparse, wispy gold veining to create a complete escape.
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