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Carrara or Calacatta? People often mix up these two marbles, These terms are used interchangeably because both of these Italian marbles are very similar in appearance: so I decided to create a blog  to illustrate the differences. To add to the confusion, much of Calacatta comes from Carrara, Italy. In general, Carrara tends to be grayer with softer veining, while Calacatta is whiter with bolder more dramatic veining. There are additional subtle differences and once you know what to look for, you should be able to distinguish between Carrara and Calacatta. Let’s compare some examples:

calacatta:The patterning  is predominately larger and thick.

carrara :On this  countertop, the gray veining is small and fine.

Calacatta : A counter and large floor tiles collocation is more perfect make this master bath light and airy.

Carrara: This marble has some large and the veining like Calacatta, The backsplash has an overall gray tone and provides the color in this white kitchen But it's still different from calacatta

Calacatta:Some have really dark patterning. The heavy veining contrasts dramatically with the crisp white background.

Within Carrara and Calacatta marbles, there is a lot of variability. Here is a very white Carrara.
More readily available, Carrara marble is a beautiful and classic choice for bathrooms.

No matter which one is a very good choice

Have a good day!

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