How to Identify Real Carrara Marble 2021-07-21 17:17:38
Carrara is a city known for being one of the largest marble producers and exporters in the world. Our readers may even have seen or heard of Carrara marble on the other side of the earth. That's because the geological formation of the Apuan Alps is unique in its kind.

However, with more and more Carrara marble and sellers on the market, consumers are often confused by white stones with gray textures, but when distinguishing snow white Carrara Marble from "Carrara white", this is much more than that. Even the largest brands in the world face this problem, but our goal is to educate the public and help them make the right decisions.


If you notice, the light reflection on the surface of ordinary marble will be weakened, and there is actually no reflection.
Carrara marble is a denser marble that maintains an excellent luster when processed correctly.
The gloss effect of Carrara marble tiles is like a mirror. This can only be attributed to the very pure crystalline composition of Carrara marble, which is unique among similar products. The gloss effect is one of its biggest characteristics.


Each marble has its own unique pattern and texture. As shown in the example above, Carrara marble has a finer lightning pattern that runs through the slate. The texture of ordinary marble is thicker and denser.


Most marbles differ in color tone. When it comes to white and black base colors, it is a bit difficult. The entire slab has many tones, and unless you compare the two pieces, it can sometimes be more difficult to distinguish. It helps to combine the base color and the appearance of the vein pattern.
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