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When most people imagine "white marble", they think of Carrara white marble, which varies in color from blue-gray to pure white. Carrara's texture is quite subtle and gray in appearance.

So, how do we choose a white marble slab?

1. Ask the origin of marble.

"Nowadays, white marbles such as Calacatta and Statuario are currently in great demand. Therefore, some marble suppliers call their textured white marble Calacatta marble. But it will not be real, but just textured. The white stone comes from China or other parts of the world," Lafley explains. "The real Calacatta comes from the mountain quarries in Carrara, Italy. The same goes for the Statuario: the real Statuario marble comes from Italy."


2. Consider the texture pattern.

Each quarry is different, but certain types of marble blocks can be cut in two different ways to obtain unique texture patterns. Nussbaum said that cross-cutting or fleuri cutting will produce a slate with an "open flower pattern", which looks quite random and is perfect for matching books. Vein cuts or streaks, cut blocks in another way to achieve a linear streak appearance.


3. Consider how different marble slabs are combined together.

Each slate is slightly different, so it is best to choose the exact stone that will be used for your countertop. "Marble is an art-choose a slate and understand where the texture is on the countertop," Groves said. "You want to place the markers cleverly so that it almost resembles a painting."

At the same time, it is important to consider how the different parts fit together. "The longer the work without seams, the better," Groves said. "If you do have seams, it is always good to match the marble to the book," so the adjacent part has a mirrored appearance.


4. Call the marble facility before your visit.

“Call the white marble slab factory in advance and ask if they have marble slabs in the color, type, area and size that meet your requirements,”suggested Toronto interior designer Ferris Rafauli. "Let them know when you will come, and ask them to organize a visit, [someone] points out the various marble slabs they have. This also allows vendors to take out their various marble slabs in advance so that when you arrive, they Will directly lead you to find options that meet your needs."


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