How do we maintain the marble slab in the bathroom 2021-08-03 16:34:54
Marble is an affordable high-end building material that can add value to homes.There are several advantages to choosing marble tile in the bathroom.
1. Easy to use
Marble is a natural stone that is extremely easy to use. It is a soft stone; it can be milled, processed and rolled, which allows the stone to be used in many ways. In the bathroom, a whole piece of marble can be used on the walls, countertops and floors. Similarly, smaller parts can be cut for cornices and door frames.
2. Enduring
Few building materials can be used like marble. In modern interior design, marble contributes to the creation of enduring designs, becoming a trend testament for the next few years.
Every piece of marble is different-this is arguably the best characteristic of stone. With different textures and color patterns, bathrooms with marble details will be unique.

However, the care of bathroom marble tile is very important.

1.Seal bathroom marble every six months
To protect our marble slab, we sealed every point (and grout) in the bathroom with impregnant sealant. Impregnated sealants are different from partial sealants because they penetrate below the surface of the marble to protect it, but are breathable and do not trap internal moisture, which is critical for marble.
2. Make a natural plaster to remove stains
If there are stains, mix baking soda and water to make a natural marble plaster. Apply the plaster to the stain and cover it with plastic wrap to keep the plaster in place. Wash it off after 12-24 hours and the stain should disappear.
3. Scrape off any stagnant water
After each shower, it's best to have an ultra-fast wiper on our glass shower door, and also run the wiper on the marble bench to prevent water from staying on it for the rest of the day. It takes less than a minute to make our glass look clear and will not cause any problems due to the water on the marble
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