Elegance and taste: Carrara marble 2021-07-13 17:30:30
Carrara marble is one of the great classics of decoration. Originated from Italy, the stone-grained gray white background has been famous since ancient Rome, used to build major works and historical sculptures, such as Michelangelo's David.

Carrara marble is usually the most affordable choice among the classic white Italians, and usually has a finer texture than its high-end cousin, Caracata marble. Feather-like lines add more gray and silver undertones to the whole stone. Since the changes are less noticeable, Carrara usually has a more uniform overall appearance, although you can often find boards with more striking textures.
You may have noticed that Carrara marble tiles are used in multiple places. Depending on their quality and type, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, whether as cladding or flooring.Because of their simple workmanship, they have a wide range of varieties. You can choose from many finishes to finally provide you with the desired effect.
Heat Preservation
Depending on the climate, Carrara marble cladding allows your house to maintain a stable temperature throughout the year. Marble has good thermal insulation capacity, keeping your house fresh in summer and warm in winter. Therefore, you can reach a comfortable temperature without excessive use of air conditioners or radiators, which greatly saves your operating costs.
Unique patterns
How do you appreciate having a single and non-repeatable design?
With Carrara marble, you will achieve this result. Your marble tiles is almost impossible to fully replicate it elsewhere. When the material is extracted from the mountain, it is already art, and after cutting, the pattern becomes a kind.
Several floors use Carrara marble from different extraction areas. Each of them presents its own lines and characteristics.

This is why using Carrara marble will transform your project into something truly unique.

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