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Is marble suitable for use in the bathroom?
Marble is both first-class and elegant, making it an ideal choice for a modern bathroom. Marble is not only natural and waterproof, but also luxurious and timeless. It will definitely add value to your property. Marble bathrooms will stand the test of time and will give your home an expensive feel.

Which kind of marble is best for the bathroom?
Carrara is widely used in marble flooring, wall tile materials and marble countertops. Although most people think that Carrara marble is only white, it is also available in various shades of gray. For some people, the original white Carrara marble will be their preferred tile, while others will like the soft linear texture pattern it also has.

What color is the best match for marble?
We recommend that you determine the background color of the tiles; the most popular colors for marble tiles are usually a mixture of white, gray and dark blue to black, but you can also see blue, purple and green in the texture of the stone Subtle undertones. When you come up with a bathroom design concept, choosing a solution that can complement the tiles rather than conflict with them is an important first step.

We recommend that you match marble tiles with cool and cool colors; white to off-white and cool blue, green and purple all work well. You may find it a challenge to use beige or warm colors on marble without looking a bit disjointed and faded. For those with light gray tiles with blue undertones, a popular choice is to choose light blue walls and blue cabinets or gray cabinets, while those with marble beige floors are more likely Leaning towards bright white schemes, wooden cabinets have marble countertops.

Our favorite colors to match with marble tiles are sea salt green, gray and bold white. Of course, this will depend on personal preference, but it is worth spending some time to determine the background color your marble tiles have and start researching your design ideas from there.

Are marble tiles suitable for shower walls?
Using marble tiles in the walk-in shower is an effective way to recreate a luxury boutique hotel suite in your own home. The only disadvantage of owning a marble shower is that maintenance is required to keep the marble tile clean to extend its life and ensure that it maintains a high-end appearance. Cleaning your marble tiles is actually relatively easy.

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