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The kitchen is an important part of any home, and many homeowners use this space to socialize, prepare meals and entertain guests. When designing a new kitchen plan, everything must be carefully considered-from cabinets to paint, utensils and the choice of stone for the work surface.

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Things to consider
Stone surfaces can be used in many ways throughout the kitchen-traditionally, many homeowners will choose stone as their countertops, but stone can also create influential feature walls or splash walls, or as a feature island top. Help divide the space.

From clean white marble, to dark and moody granite, there are many types of stone to suit all kinds of kitchen interiors. With complex ripples and natural splashes of original colors; the design possibilities of natural stone are endless.

When choosing the right stone for the kitchen, you need to evaluate its use-how often do you use the surface to do a lot of food preparation work? Is the kitchen purely for aesthetics, or is it a functional family space? This can have a huge impact on the stone you choose, because different stones will require different levels of maintenance.

However, if there are stains or spills, there are many high-street cleaning products that can easily remove surface stains, or for more powerful cleaning, please hire a trained expert to remove complex scratches or stains to maintain a fresh look And feel.

Materials to consider

Granite countertops
Granite is an ideal choice for the kitchen, and there are many colors and natural variations to choose from. In addition to beautiful appearance, one of the advantages of choosing granite is that it is practical (hard granite or soft granite can be selected), which can meet various needs.
We found that the kitchen countertop is more suitable for the hard granite option because it is both heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. In addition, many granites also have anti-ultraviolet and antifouling properties, and can be placed near natural light or in open windows, which makes it an extremely flexible choice. However, if you choose to use soft granite, be sure to buy a sealant to ensure that your stone has the best performance-a good sealant will prevent water, oil and other liquids from entering.
Although most granite options can withstand a hot pot or plate placed on the surface, there is still the possibility of thermal shock, so it is always best to use a triangular pad or cutting board to prevent any marks on the workbench .

Marble surface
Homeowners looking for a stylish, luxurious kitchen surface will usually ask for marble-this is a great choice for the kitchen, marble will create amazing features in any house. With its white color, simple texture and simple aesthetic effect, marble will add taste and sophistication to any scheme.
The smooth and beautiful surface is extremely eye-catching, which adds charm to its visual appeal and popularity in kitchen and interior design. It fits perfectly with metallic hardware in brass or gold tones – by using colorful finishes, you can really highlight the marble and make it pop. In addition to marble countertops, natural stone can also be used to make smooth floor coverings.
In terms of function, if the performance of the sealant is not good, the marble surface will usually form patina due to small scratches or daily stains. However, one of the main advantages of marble is that stains can be easily removed with ointment, and it can also be re-polished in place.

Although natural stones can be expensive, and some varieties can be much more expensive than others-there is no harm in asking the price. The countertop provides the perfect decorative effect for the kitchen, therefore, we think there is no harm in paying a little more for high-quality products. We hope this article will be useful in choosing the ideal stone surface for your kitchen!
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