Carrara marble tile application scope 2021-05-21 14:21:30
Carrara marble tiles are indeed widely used.

Their use can be traced back to Roman times, when for obvious reasons, they were not as thin as they are today. These tiles are manually cut using basic tools; reducing the thickness will damage the tiles.

Many of the most famous monuments that still exist today are made of marble, which fully demonstrates the patience of this material.

Today, we can find Carrara marble tiles used everywhere.

Due to their unique appearance, durability, odorlessness, and ease of cleaning, Carrara marbles are widely used in the following claddings and floors:

  • restaurant
  • Museum and room
  • Station and airport
  • Nautical Furnishings
  • Houses, villas and apartments
  • office
  • Shops and restaurants

According to your preferences and tastes, you can find the marble that best suits your requirements and manufacture tiles according to your needs.

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