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All marbles are manufactured in the same way and undergo the same deterioration, transforming limestone into crystalline natural stone, that is, marble. Although all marbles are naturally formed, marbles may be unique and more sought after than other marbles. Calacatta Marble is one such marble-a gorgeous high-end natural stone, popular for its unique appearance and precious rarity, and can be used for many purposes.

Calacatta Marble has a sharp, strong texture that is different. The hallmark of Calacatta is not that marbles like Carrara have a rich soft vein, but a lesser but more dramatic and irregular vein. Overall, the color has global appeal among designers and architects due to its soft white background, texture and tone. (The whiter the background, the higher the price of these marbles.) Calacatta Marble's texture economy is also suitable for book-matching installations, which are not as effective as other marbles, and other marbles may have a lot of fine texture, so there is no unique The pattern can be manipulated into the design.

KINGRICH STONE offers different types of Calacatta Marble, including: Calacatta gold marble, Calacatta Borghini marble, Calacatta Carrara marble, Calacatta Nuvo marble, etc. The veins vary in color from golden to gray. Coupled with a white background, Calacatta's color is neutral and can be easily used with dark or light wood and other materials to highlight or dilute the architectural elements.

Calacatta Marble is excellent in appearance, and it is only available in a quarry in Carrara, Italy. Calacatta Marble has limited production and is well controlled by the quarry. Seasonal factors also affect production, as quarrying becomes very challenging during the peak winter season at the top of Carrara. Both of these factors contribute to the rarity and expensiveness of this natural stone.

Calacatta marble flooring is very popular in the way of getting started in company offices. However, Calacatta marble slabs and tiles are recommended for various indoor applications that require elegance, including use as countertops and backsplashes in the kitchen. Calacatta marble countertops can be found in executive meeting rooms and in today's designer residences.

In the bathroom, because marble is easy to wipe and keep clean, toilets, shower walls and bathtub walls are also common applications of marble tiles, and the bathroom is regarded as a place where many people get rich. In non-traffic areas, such as around fireplaces and hearths, Calacatta marble is also a modern choice, and the charming pattern that keeps appearing every time you see it is also a common choice.

KINGRICH STONE's selection of marble countertops is unparalleled, and it offers polished and polished surface options. Welcome to consult for more information.
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