6 recommended granite countertop colors 2021-04-07 11:11:49
The color of granite countertops has recently become one of the most important parts of the kitchen. Not only do they look good, but they also add to the overall beauty of your kitchen in a very strange and wonderful way. That being said, your granite table also needs to have the correct color to perfectly match the aesthetics you plan for the kitchen. Therefore, in order to help you decide the color better, here are 6 popular granite countertop colors for you to choose from.

Alaska White Granite
The color of Alaska's white granite takes the meaning of the phrase "white as snow" to another level. This color contains various blends of milky white and light silver, all of which complement the agate hue and warm neutral colors present in the granite. All the above colors merge together to make an amazing color that not only shines brightly, but also exudes exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite craftsmanship. It comes from Brazil and has the GreenGuard indoor air quality certification.

Moon White Granite
The unique location and intricate works make the moon white granite a work of art. This granite is characterized by a bright white canvas with ivory spots scattered on it, and silver-gray and black exudates are scattered all over the granite. Moonlight White is also very durable, very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The granite is shipped from India and also has a polished finish.

Palomino Granite countertops
Palomino granite is one of the strangest slabs on the market today. The granite has light brown, white small but bold spots and dark brown dense curves mixed together to form a beautiful slab. Palomino is a very famous granite, which is why you don't hear many different names in the market.

Bianco Antico Granite
This beautiful countertop has a gorgeous and soft gray background that blends perfectly with pink and taupe spots. It is very durable and looks simply amazing.

Azul Macaubas Blue Granite
Beautiful deep tropical blue super high-end stone. It is hard quartzite produced in Brazil, and its hardness makes it suitable for kitchen countertops. Azul Macaubas's blue color and beautiful appearance make it an ideal choice for beautiful, long-lasting and natural building materials.

Cosmos Silver Granite
Kosmus Sliver granite is also called Cosmus Gold, which originated in Brazil. Golden Kosmus Granite is a black background stone with metallic silver and phlogopite. Kozmus granite black granite is very durable and can be used for kitchen or bathroom vanity countertops, kitchen countertops, desktops, living rooms, wall tiles, floor tiles, backsplashes, etc., and Kosmus multi-color granite large size plates can also be used.
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