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Our New Project of Sport Brand FILA with Microlite stone

2018-01-10 18:11:07

Currently a new project for sport brand, FILA with Microlite White.Please see attached photos:

Microlite is a new type of decorative building materials, including composite microlite called glass-ceramic composite plate, is a 3 -- 5 mm layer of microcrystalline glass compound on the surface of the ceramic glass, after the second sintering fully integrated high-tech products.Microcrystalline thickness in 13 to 18 mm, glossiness is greater than 95.

KINGRICH microcrystallized stone is a new type of green environment decorative materials, the products popular use for interior and exterior project, which including exterior wall cladding , interior decorating wall tiles, flooring tiles, hotel wall background , countertop,vanity top, stair  stone and other decorative parts.

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