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Joeone operations center of Xiamen headquarters building

2018-01-10 18:10:22

Chinese famous men's clothing brand -JOEONE headquarters is located in Xiamen Guanyin Mountain beach

Using Shanxi black granite as material glass curtain wall design of modern minimalist landscape, we still continue the design of simple modern architectural design, the use of black and grey color collocation and simple stainless steel artistic models, so that the landscape was simple and full of modern sense.
Our workmate are doing simple site cleaning

Joeone brand image display effect

Material: shanxi Granite
Colour: Black
Finishes:Polishing, Bush-hammered, Carezza, Flamed, Honed etc

New quarry of black granite, good quality and best price

Leisure Area

Main entrance display area
(In the black and white gray design collocation, we in the main entrance of the inside the black as the main color image of Shanxi black granite wall, in order to change the plane modeling rigid, we do texture change in Shanxi black granite, with white grainy collocation and Pearl White granite. On the ground, we use medium gray Mongolia Black Retro surface and light gray sesame ash as color matching, and use LED lights with white matching and night guidance line to realize the modern style of black and white ash.)

In the night

We can provide you with the design plan, the deepening of the design drawings and the fine processing of stones, and the rigorous processing flow to ensure that your project will finally be perfectly displayed.

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